A new Kickstarter and some thought-provoking family fantasy stories

The Kickstarter for Oren Litwin’s anthology “The Wand that Rocks the Cradle: Magical Stories of Family,” which will include one of my stories, has just gone live. I liked the call, which seemed to solicit stories that were thoughtful and not entirely hopeless; I was grateful for Litwin’s taking time to clarify that his preference for some degree of hope, and disinclination for completely unearned endings, didn’t exclude stories set in unjust societies where people’s best efforts did matter but didn’t wholly right the wrong; and I was delighted when he accepted my story “Legacy,” set on the US-Mexico border before and during the indiscriminate mass deportations and family separations of the Eisenhower era. 

I haven’t yet gotten to read my fellow contributors’ stories, but it sounds as though they cover a wide range of styles, historical periods, and intriguing questions.  Also as though they all could be described as PG-13 or ‘clean’ fiction.  (A reminder to those of you who have an allergic reaction to either term: this doesn’t mean they don’t deal with substantive and difficult issues, or that they’re otherwise immature, or that we think those are the only kinds of stories you should read…) And many of my fellow authors in this volume have the gift for titling which missed me.

Kickstarter backers at various levels can get extras including a bonus pack of stories from several of us contributors (often exploring related themes), custom flash fiction writing by another author, story critiques by our editor or story editing by me.
This is all explained better and more thoroughly on the Kickstarter site.

Also on the KS site: an interview with me.  (I love having an excuse to talk about myself and about the stories I love.)


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