Welcome to my website! I write short stories, essays, nonfiction books & novels. You can see published examples of the first three categories, and an introduction to my novel, at the menu links above. News about my most recently published projects is below.

Another Way (essay)

                                                                          I've always written and spoken freely about religion and politics, but I'm more apt to avoid writing about, or jumping into online discussions of, sexuality. That feels like such a fraught, tender, intimate subject, so easily damaged and distorted by our culture wars. There's no clear home on either side of those wars for … Continue reading Another Way (essay)

Another Way (full essay)

This essay was published in They Call Us Sluts And Prudes, available free online here, in December 2021. The editors advise reader discretion for readers under 18, as some written pieces and images in the zine discuss sexual abuse, sex work, and other sensitive topics. There's also some profane language, as the title suggests.                I’m still … Continue reading Another Way (full essay)


I'm delighted that my short story "Humanity," which deals with pandemics and scapegoating in a galaxy far far away (no, not that one, another galaxy...) will be reprinted in Carol Hightshoe's anthology US/THEM, which is available from the publisher and also on Amazon and Smashwords.From the back of the book:"Fear of the Other breeds hatred … Continue reading US/THEM

Launch day!

Launching today! This story about labor and immigration, faith and questioning, the search for justice and the love of people who have very different visions of justice, has been banging around in my head and my computer for years. Now it's an actual book out there in the world where people can read it. I … Continue reading Launch day!

“Cracked Reflections” coming Sept. 24

"Cracked Reflections" will be published by Propertius Press on September 24, 2021. You can pre-order it here. Cracked Reflections is set in an imaginary Massachusetts mill town during the real textile strikes of 1912, known as the Bread and Roses labor movement. This tale is particularly relevant in a time of conflicting news stories, high political … Continue reading “Cracked Reflections” coming Sept. 24