My second story to be published this year is in the resistance anthology "Shout," a collection of poems and stories that ask hard questions about who we are, who we're becoming, and how we might be able to change both. The book's just become available for sale. Part of the proceeds from sales will go … Continue reading Shout!

Fear Itself

My historical fantasy story Cast Out, which explores how we live with fear (both personal and collective), is free to read online at After-Dinner Conversation, a site which publishes stories that center ethical and philosophical questions. I appreciate their focus, and I appreciate their publishing this story, which portrays mental illness and healing as I … Continue reading Fear Itself

As An Absence

My short science fiction story "As An Absence," which looks at how our ideas of work, community, story and self change as we spend more time online, was featured in the June issue of New Orbit Magazine, which regularly publishes collections of "uncomfortable little futures." They also published my essay on the same subjects, but … Continue reading As An Absence

Whatsoever Ye Shall Ask…: A Perilous Promise

Mysterion just published my historical fantasy story "Whatsoever Ye Shall Ask," in which three girls in a medieval English village discover that they have the perfect faith which makes prayer fully effective... and that they, their neighbors, and the local religious and civil authorities are not at all prepared for the consequences of that prayer. … Continue reading Whatsoever Ye Shall Ask…: A Perilous Promise

The Wand that Rocks the Cradle

is available for pre-order on Amazon.  Its eight speculative stories about family cover a wide variety of settings (historical, present-day, future, secondary world), tones (earnest, witty, gritty) and family dynamics (some resemble the March family, others the Lear family) but I find them all well-written and thought-provoking. Also all family-friendly in the sense of not … Continue reading The Wand that Rocks the Cradle

On Loss

This anthology deals with the pain, the surprises, and, in some cases, the gifts that can come with all kinds of loss: of loved ones, home, memory, weight, certainties, roles.... from a wide range of perspectives.  I was pleasantly surprised both by the breadth and scope of the book and by how connected it still … Continue reading On Loss