“Cracked Reflections” coming Sept. 24

"Cracked Reflections" will be published by Propertius Press on September 24, 2021. You can pre-order it here. Cracked Reflections is set in an imaginary Massachusetts mill town during the real textile strikes of 1912, known as the Bread and Roses labor movement. This tale is particularly relevant in a time of conflicting news stories, high political … Continue reading “Cracked Reflections” coming Sept. 24

Love across the lines

My first publication this year: The Scribe Anthology from Breaking Rules Publishing includes my short story "The Four Last Sings." This... pacifist communitarian survivalist story? inspirational post-apocalyptic Christian lesbian love story? begins, "On the third morning of the apocalypse, Arlie painted “WELCOME” in straggling rainbow capitals on the side of the rabbit shed that faced … Continue reading Love across the lines