Hearing voices

Carmella Brown's reading of my short story collection "Believing is Seeing" is now available from Audible. I've put in the book description from Audible below. I'm delighted with how Carmella Brown brings the stories to life--sometimes in ways I'd expected and sometimes in ways I hadn't--and with how deftly she's managed a book that required … Continue reading Hearing voices

Another Way (essay)

                                                                          I've always written and spoken freely about religion and politics, but I'm more apt to avoid writing about, or jumping into online discussions of, sexuality. That feels like such a fraught, tender, intimate subject, so easily damaged and distorted by our culture wars. There's no clear home on either side of those wars for … Continue reading Another Way (essay)

Another Way (full essay)

This essay was published in They Call Us Sluts And Prudes, available free online here, in December 2021. The editors advise reader discretion for readers under 18, as some written pieces and images in the zine discuss sexual abuse, sex work, and other sensitive topics. There's also some profane language, as the title suggests.                I’m still … Continue reading Another Way (full essay)