Hearing voices

Carmella Brown’s reading of my short story collection “Believing is Seeing” is now available from Audible. I’ve put in the book description from Audible below.

I’m delighted with how Carmella Brown brings the stories to life–sometimes in ways I’d expected and sometimes in ways I hadn’t–and with how deftly she’s managed a book that required a wide variety of earthling voices from known regions and accents as well as some secondary worlds with multiple ethnicities (and one monologous dragon). –She is a Brit and some of her Americans have the exceedingly unappealing accents I have noticed before when the American actors show up in BBC productions; I am not sure how much it’s the voices themselves, how much the contrast.


What we believe shapes what we see. Sometimes the stories we tell free us. Sometimes they trap us.

Some people see things their neighbors can’t or won’t see. Are they inspired? Delusional? Who decides?

As the faithful people of her village cry out for their god’s help in disaster, a young peasant woman faces the terrifying possibility that she may be that god.

A time-traveling Jewish refugee visits 21st-century churches and confronts almost unrecognizable versions of himself.

Three troubled people make the dangerous visit to The Library where the maddening stories lodged inside them can be removed—on certain demanding conditions.

Having been warned away from the vacant lot that is said to house a portal to Hell, the new girl in town naturally goes to investigate.

Early in the grid collapse—or apocalypse?—a Christian lesbian farm couple paint “WELCOME” on their barn and await visitors.

An old man in the Terran diaspora enlists in a crusade to save humanity and belatedly wonders if he’s on the wrong side.

Step inside these stories and see what you believe—but don’t believe everything you see.

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