One explanation for fake news…

BroadKnowledgefront-1800x2700-200x300 (1)My science-fiction farce–or possibly cautionary fable– “Taking it Back” is coming out in the anthology “Broad Knowledge,” the second in the Women Up To No Good series, which is now Kickstarting.

“Taking it Back” is the story of three quantum psychophysicists, one micro-time-travel consumer product, and a plethora of unintended consequences; or,from another perspective, the story of why one person’s fake news is another’s truth, and what happens when reality splits. I wrote it before Trump was on the political stage, though it feels rather topical now– it took a long time to find a home for the story. I’m grateful to the folks at Upper RubberBoot for publishing this, and I’m looking forward to reading the other stories. (And wondering, as always: who comes up with the covers for speculative fiction books?)

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