Variant visions of the new normal

"Nobody Goes Out Anymore," a multifarious anthology of post-COVID stories, is available online now.  There's a bit of everything in here: hope, horror, heartbreak, romance, religion, race relations, action pieces, family dramas, thought experiments (constructed by people with very different worldviews), etc. I think I've never been in an anthology with quite such a wide … Continue reading Variant visions of the new normal

Beyond reason

"Bound," my odd little fantasy story about a traveler who stumbles into a crisis in a secretive civilization which first embraced and then fled from the mystery and the passion of religion, has just been published by After Dinner Conversation.  (The story is mine; the picture and discussion questions are theirs.) I've been writing and … Continue reading Beyond reason

Sea-Changes: a story of grief and transformation

My story "Sea-Changes," about complicated family love and bereavement (and also about mysterious sea creatures), has been reprinted in Black Hare Press' ebook "Lockdown Fantasy #1," which can be downloaded free through this link: It was first published in 2015 in Donna Quattrone's anthology "Something Rich and Strange," but it seems appropriate for this time … Continue reading Sea-Changes: a story of grief and transformation