I’m delighted that my short story “Humanity,” which deals with pandemics and scapegoating in a galaxy far far away (no, not that one, another galaxy…) will be reprinted in Carol Hightshoe’s anthology US/THEM, which is available from the publisher and also on Amazon and Smashwords.

From the back of the book:
“Fear of the Other breeds hatred of the Other.

They aren’t like us—so they must be bad…inferior…dangerous…

Humans are by nature social animals, but we tend to bond with other humans with whom we have something in common: beliefs, experiences, likes and dislikes, etc. With the expansion of humans across the planet, it seems that, even as our numbers grow, we find ways to whittle our groups into ever narrower, specialized, and exclusive blocks. We target the Other for the most minor differences and interpret everything from THEM as an insult or an attack.

Within these pages you will witness hatred, intolerance and fanaticism as well as love, understanding and acceptance. Most of all, I, and the authors, hope you discover stories that will cause you to pause and think before condemning someone as being THEM and not US.”

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