Mental contagions

cb-cover-graphic-1My story “In The Forests Of The Night” is out in the new dark speculative fiction anthology “Coppice and Brake,” edited by Rachel Brune. This story starts at midnight in a traincar containing many passengers bound for a political rally–some as supporters, some as protestors, all unknown to each other until an unexpected interruption gives them access to each other’s nightmares.  There’s nothing about physical pandemics in here, but something about the spreading of fear and about what we see when we look at each other.

This may be a strange time in which to release dark fiction. One way of dealing with dark times is to focus on what’s good.  This antho probably won’t help with that.  Another is to look at fear and darkness and imagine the goodness that survives amidst that darkness and the possible helpful and harmful responses to fear.  This antho might help with that. The editor has some interesting reflections on that here.

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