Whatsoever Ye Shall Ask…: A Perilous Promise

Mysterion just published my historical fantasy story “Whatsoever Ye Shall Ask,” in which three girls in a medieval English village discover that they have the perfect faith which makes prayer fully effective… and that they, their neighbors, and the local religious and civil authorities are not at all prepared for the consequences of that prayer.

I’ve always been alarmed as much as attracted by the idea of God being compelled to grant requests made in prayer with faith. I grew up among praying folks with very different ideas about what was good, I read Mark Twain’s The War Prayer as a child, and I remember a Quaker friend interrupting my tirade about injustice with, ‘If you were God and had power to change this, what would you do? What would that solve? What other problems would that cause?

What do you think?

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